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Our Work

As an International NGO, we support activities globally. We work in collaboration if local stakeholders and support grassroots initiatives which align with our beliefs. Examples of this work an be found in the "Project" tab on the menu bar. 

We carry out this work via multiple entities which are all part of the ICO family. These entities allow us to focus our efforts on a range of key issues affecting marginalised communities, or divided societies. It may be that our focus is facilitating dialogue, delivering cross community projects, capacity building for NGOs, helping to develop policy, delivering low cost tailored and business minded education courses or making impact investments that will generate inclusive economic growth.

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International Communities Organisation

ICO is an independent, neutral and international NGO dedicated to change and development of marginalised and divided communities via peaceful means. ICO provides a platform and tools for communities to advocate for their own economic, social, political and cultural rights. ICO's approach is rooted in encouraging collaboration, cross-community cooperation and respect. For more information visit

ICO-Impact (in partnership with the Valens Holding Group) 

By combiningICO's commitment to global peace and Valens' ambitions for sustainable finance, ICO-impact team hopes to create economic opportunities that help conflict-affected communities prosper. ICO believes that peace and stability are crucial for communities to thrive and for future generations to prosper. It also believes that transition and recovery must facilitated by economic opportunities that are inclusive and long-lasting. ICO-impact therefore seeks to make impact investment in companies/ projects that will deliver employment opportunities across societal lines, knowledge and technology transfer empowering communities and future growth. . For more information, visit

The Forum for Cities in Transition 

The Forum for Cities in Transition is an international network of mayors, councillors, municipal officials, business people, and representatives of the voluntary and community sector.


The Forum for Cities in Transition brings together protagonists from divided societies. Its guiding principle is that one divided society is in the best position to help another. The proposed premise is that those who have real experience of doing the ordinary (refuse collection, water treatment, public transportation, social housing) in extraordinary circumstances (physical segregation, zero-sum politics, blaming the out-group for societal ills) are in the best position to learn from others’ practical experiences. FCT holds annual meetings grounded in creating tangible outcomes. Each city is able to make a commitment to deliver a project to further conflict transition and reconciliation, designed so that cities on higher rungs of conflict transformation assist those on lower rungs. FCT secretariat then offers fundraising support as well as capacity building to support projects. For more information, visit 

Management International University 

Management International University (MIU) is an online university offering accessible and high-quality diplomas anywhere in the world. MIU is the educational arm of ICO and focuses on increasing students’ knowledge, critical thinking abilities and innovative ideas to help positively impact their communities. The diplomas are developed to produce tangible skills to help students move forward in their careers, whether in the private, public or not-for-profit sectors. MIU currently offers three modules which make a International Certificate in Higher Education, the modules are Entrepreneurship in Africa or Entrepreneurship in the Middle East, International Management and Foundations in Business. 


MIU recognises that they are many barriers to accessing quality education across the globe. With the higher use of mobile phones and technological advances, MIU hopes to mitigate many of those barriers through online learning. 


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