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Serbia UPR Report: 4th UPR cycle

Updated: Jun 16, 2023

Through the Universal Periodic Review, the Human Rights Council reviews, on a periodic basis, the fulfilment by each of the 193 United Nations Member States of their human rights obligations and commitments. The Human Rights Council enables the participation of all relevant stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations (NGOs), national human rights institutions (NHRIs) and regional mechanisms.

Civil society actors, NHRIs and regional mechanisms can submit written information for the report containing a summary of information submitted by other stakeholders, which is considered during the review.

ICO has delivered activities in Kosovo for over a decade. Under ICO’s dialogue-building leadership, delegates from North and South Mitrovica were able to sign a partnership agreement and established FCT Mitrovica Foundation in 2021 to strengthen inter-community relations and to realise jointly led projects between South and North Mitrovica.

Due to Serbia's significance in ongoing dispute with Kosovo, ICO prepared a written submission for the attention for the Human Rights Council. The report was prepared by Youth Council member Sara Pereda, ICO project Coordinator Charlie Grant, and ICO Associate Director for Stakeholder Engagement, Kübra Kalkandelen.

ICO believes that in light of the persisting minority rights concerns in Western Balkans, scrutiny by stakeholders is vital. ICO is committed to advancing a transparent cross-community communication between Serbia and Kosovo with key local stakeholders from all sectors and maintaining a regular dialogue between all sides. We aim to empower inter-ethnic dialogue and inter-institutional cooperation by bringing people and representatives together from all sides and backgrounds. This is achieved through involving local authorities, civil society and the private sector in peacebuilding and reconciliation work of the ICO.

Download the full report below.

Download DOCX • 31KB

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