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Application Form

We are looking for hard working, passionate and innovative young people looking to contribute to a more peaceful world. If you are between 18-25 and are looking for experience with impact, this is for you.


You will need to submit a piece of work about an issue relevant to the activities of ICO. This piece of work will  need to focus on progress to be made in the area of concern, either by learning on theories pr practices. Please submit no more than 1000 words. The submitted work can be sourced from a submission you have already made for university or other work experience applications.


To complete your application you will need to email to send your CV. 


 ICO’s advisory board and core team will review your application within 3 weeks of submission.  Membership  will last 3 years. The application processes for the Youth Council cohort of 2022 closes end of December 2021. 

Thanks for submitting!
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